New Allergy Aware Snack Guidelines

When my daughter was being treated for her second ear infection, she developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was taking to treat the infection.  Her cute little face and body puffed up with angry red hives and she was miserable.  Fortunately, her skin returned to its rosy complexion after a few tenuous days, and we are now cautious when treating her with prescription medication.

In the role of ultimate protectors, parents are alert to the danger of allergies and the potential for severe allergic reactions.  One of the most common sources of allergies is food, specifically nuts.  The prevalence of nut allergies among children has risen dramatically in the past decade (to 1.4%).  With the severity of allergies and reactions varying widely, many schools and other public places have become nut-free to help protect children.

Beginning on Monday, January 12, The Family Club will become a nut and egg-free playgroup.  Our traditional snacks (Goldfish and graham crackers) do not contain either ingredient, so our day-to-day  procedures will remain relatively unchanged.  However, great care must be shown when preparing snacks for special parties or when bringing in your own snacks for your children.  This new policy will help us safely welcome our newest adorable Family Club kiddo and all future children.  If you have questions at the new allergy aware snack guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact me.