March 2013 Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who helped put together a successful Easter Egg Hunt party this year. Christine was the director of this party and I think we all agree that it was a hit. 
We had a total of 50 guests (not including the Easter Bunny!). 
The kids enjoyed making baskets at the "Basket Making Station" and then headed down to the dining hall for an indoor egg hunt. Temperatures and snow kept us from hunting outside this year. 

*     *     *
In other news, we are looking for new officers for 2013/2014. Some of the current officers are moving away or their children have outgrown playgroup. 

Here is a rundown of the positions opening up. Please let me know if you're interested in joining the board. Officers do not pay the annual $35 fees (woot!). We usually hold a board meeting every other month. 

President: This is a one-year-only position. We figure it helps keep the new ideas flowing. Duties include handling member complaints (although I can't say we get a lot of complaints), preparing agenda, invite and prepare new board members, run board meetings, oversee all other board member duties and make sure everyone's doing what they need to do to keep things running smoothly, meet with treasurer to make sure we are paying our bills and have sufficient funds in our account, organize fundraiser or schedule new classes if we are low on funds, hire teachers and sitters for classes, ensure playgroup wraps up on time and the rooms looks tidy, shut off lights, liason with NSP church, delegate responsibilities as needed. 

Secretary: Make sure the calendar is updated, send out evites, keep minutes for all board meetings. Minutes must be printed out and kept in a binder each year. 

Public Relations: Create lovely bulletin boards, coordinate hanging fliers for events, email local venues with current class schedules and information. Can be combined with Secretary duties. 

Helping Hands: take charge of this service for new moms or any members who might need a little help. You would coordinate 3 members willing to cook a meal for families in need.

Membership: Maintain list of members, directory and email list. Maintain volunteer listings. Provide labels for mailings. Make sure we have enough new membership forms on hand. 

Inventory/Purchasing: Make sure we're stocked with supplies, snacks, coffee, creamers, juice, etc. Purchase those things we're running low on. 

Cleaning: We clean the toys in the playroom once a month and need someone who can help us remember the date and get everyone moving on cleaning days. All members participate in the cleanup. You would just make sure we follow through on this. Also make sure we have enough cleaning supplies (vinegar, rags, buckets) on hand. 

Treasurer: Basic Bookkeeping to include payables, bank deposits, balancing the checkbook, drafting financial reports, developing and maintaining the budget. 

Of course, you will be given more detailed information about your duties should you become a board member (officer). 

*     *     *

The next playroom toy cleaning is set for Tuesday, March 26th during regular playgroup hours. We'll be wiping down the big toys and dunking the small ones into vinegar water, as always. 

*     *     *

Board members will meet in the playroom on Monday for general cleaning and organizing. 

*     *     *

Next Outing: Jelly Belly Factory Tour on Thursday, March 28th. Please check your evites for more information. 

*     *     *

This month's book club reading is: French Kids Eat Everything, by Karen Le Billon. 

See you at playgroup!